Kevin Freeman, PhD, LPC, NCC, MAC, CPCS, President & CEO
Mark Peterson, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Winston Pineda, MD, Medical Director & Staff Psychiatrist
Megan Boyd, PhD, LPC, CPCS, Clinical Director
John Wilson, MA, Manager of Data and Performance Analysis
Judy Karnap, Human Resource Manager
Tamara Godfrey, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapy Program Manager
Toccara Hudson, Utilization Review Manager
Cynthia Johnson, Referral Coordinator & Administrative Supervisor

Na’Toya Alford, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Noell Andrews, MS, Functional Family Therapist
Latoya Battle, MS, Functional Family Therapist Supervisor

Veronica Bell, MS, FFT Externship Coordinator
Justin Bocutti, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor
Cathryn Buck, LAPC, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
Wanda Cager, MS, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor/Core Supervisor
Ervin Christie, PhD, Functional Family Therapist
Catharine Cofer, LMFT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Core Supervisor
Michael Credidio, Psy.D, Staff Psychologist

Meredith Draper, LAPC, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
Sara Dupree, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor
Tasha Fortenberry, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapy Supervisor

Fonda Woods, Medical Assistant
Cassandra Greer, LAPC, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Kiera Green, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Tracy Hardaway, MA, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Kristina Henderson, PhD, LPC, CRC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Mia Henderson, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Sherida Hinton, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapy Supervisor
Michelle Jones, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Angela Kimbrough, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapy Supervisor
Dianne Knettel, RN, Registered Nurse
Jhadrian Lawrence, MSW, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Chuck Lenahan, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor
Sarah McClerren, LAPC, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
Stefanie Moore, LAPC, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
Anna Nance, LAPC, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
Joy Outlaw, MSW, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Abby Pence, BS, Community Support Individual

Tanisha Primas, MS, Functional Family Therapist
Shalimar Ramos, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapist

Alexa Reynolds, Administrative Support Staff
Alicia Roberts, MS, Functional Family Therapy Supervisor
Kini Roland, MS, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Matthew Rudy, LAMFT, Functional Family Therapy
Ruth Scott, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Lateasha Skinner, LPC, Functional Family Therapy Supervisor
Veronica Soto, MS, LAPC, Functional Family Therapist
Scarlett Statham, Administrative Support Staff
Quicha Strong, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Kelly Stephens, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Core Supervisor
Sharon Temple, MS, Community Counselor
Katie Toso, LPC, Functional Family Therapist
Juline Vilfort, MS, Functional Family Therapist
Thomas Ward, Multisystemic Family Therapist
Reggie Webb, Community Support Individual
Belinda Whitaker, Community Support Professional

Dwayne White, MS, LAPC, Functional Family Therapist